Commission and Payment Details

The appointment for the sale with ourselves and/or our agent is effected by written agreement or through utilization of our services on the basis of the service brochure/ exposé and its related conditions. The agent's commission is calculated on the amount of a percentage of the purchase price plus the compulsory VAT shall accoure when the Purchaser becomes aware of the acceptance of his/her purchase offer by the Seller.

The commission will be paid by the Purchaser upon execution of the preliminary agreement. The amount of the agent's gross commission shall be adjusted if the tax rate change due to governament agreements. BSI REAL ESTATE (licensed from BSI ltd) and its agents, if any, shall obtain a the Commission payment when pereliminary agreement it s signed from the parties involved in the contract (contract for the benefit of third parties).

The real estate transfer tax as well as the costs for the notary and land register shall be born by the Purchaser. No responsibility will be accepted for the information provided. All material is based upon information that has been supplied by third parties. BSI REAL ESTATE consider this information to be true, and cannot be held responsible for this information being incomplete, not correct or up-to-date. The right to sell the property prior to signing is hereby reserved. If the agreement is not reach from the parties involved at the time of the preliminary agreement BSI REAL ESTATE is not entitled to receve Commission for the deal, since it did not take place.